Terms and Conditions :

Please take the time to read the terms and conditions.

While we understand that life does not always unfold as planned, our guesthouse is small enough that even one cancellation makes an enormous difference. We, therefore, ask for your cooperation in observing a 14-day cancellation notice prior to your expected arrival.
Cancellation policy is set out to be fair to the client whilst compensating us for lost booking opportunities brought about by the cancellation.

Any cancellation received within14 days prior to arrival will incur a charge of 50% of booking value.

Any cancellation received within 7 days prior to arrival will incur a charge of 100% of booking value..

During peak times non refundable deposit.
Once you have booked in, you will be liable for any change in your reservation dates, and will be billed accordingly.

Bohemian House Management


Tel: +27 12 460 1219 | Mobile: +27 82 927 5741 | Email: alta@bohemianhouse.co.za

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